Blowing Horns

Sizes range from small to extra large. Click here to listen to sound samples and order a blowing horn.

Blowing horns are also known as sounding horns, shepherd’s horn, viking horn, battle horn, blow horn and many other names.

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  • The blowing horn has been used for centuries as a means of communication, in modern times they are often used to signal the start of a gathering.

    Your blowing horn automatically comes with a shoulder strap.  The two types of strap are flat or braided.  Braided straps are based on a four strand braid that dates to Medieval Denmark.  When purchasing a blowing horn, please specify a flat or braided strap.

    Listen to samples of what different blowing horns sound like

    $ 35.00$ 85.00
  • Build a custom blowing horn by selecting your horn size, belt holder, artwork, and adding this bundle to your cart.

    Your horn may look similar to the horn pictured, but it will not be that exact horn.

    $ 90.00
  • Add artwork to your horn by choosing a design below and clicking add to cart.

    Choosing to add artwork to your horn will add additional creation time to your order.  The amount of time it takes to add artwork to horns varies from two to six weeks depending on size and current order volume.

    You may find a larger selection of historical and original artwork to add to your horn by browsing the Horn Artwork category, or clicking here.

    $ 55.00$ 95.00

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