We make custom drinking horns to your specifications as well as having already made horns. Here you’ll be able to purchase our unique hand carved drinking horns. They’re perfect for weddings, birthdays, symbel, LARP, and many other gatherings and special occasions.

Drinking horns are commonly associated with the Viking Era, toasting, and the subsequent consumption of alcoholic beverages. They are mentioned in the Beowulf poem along with other Norse writings such as the Poetic Edda.

Want to give a friend or loved one the gift of a custom drinking horn, but you’re not sure which design they would choose? No fear, gift certificates are here! Details and more information can be found here.

Váru í horni
hvers kyns stafir
ristnir ok roðnir,
- ráða ek né máttak, -
lyngfiskr langr,
lands Haddingja
ax óskorit,
innleið dyra.
23. In the cup were runes
of every kind,
Written and reddened,
I could not read them;
A heather-fish
from the Haddings‘ land,
An ear uncut,
and the entrails of beasts.
Guðrúnarkviða II (trans. Henry Adams Bellows) 
  • Build a custom blowing horn by selecting your horn size, belt holder, artwork, and adding this bundle to your cart.

    Your horn may look similar to the horn pictured, but it will not be that exact horn.

    $ 90.00$ 180.00
  • Build a custom drinking horn by selecting your horn size, belt holder, artwork, and adding this bundle to your cart.

    Your horn may look similar to the horn pictured, but it will not be that exact horn.

    $ 105.00$ 175.00
  • $ 15.00
  • Add artwork to your horn by choosing a design below and clicking add to cart.

    Choosing to add artwork to your horn will add additional creation time to your order.  The amount of time it takes to add artwork to horns varies from two to six weeks depending on size and current order volume.

    $ 55.00$ 95.00
  • A Rabbit Skin Drinking Horn Carrying Pouch is designed to protect your drinking horn purchase. The pouch is custom sewn to fit the horn; these are only available if you are purchasing a drinking horn from us also. We will not make them separately.  Orders for pouches that do not include horns will be refunded.

    The pouch is designed fur side in, covering the whole horn and protecting it from scratches during storage or transport. Comes with a leather belt loop and bone closure.  A shoulder strap is optional.

    The case shown here is an example only.
    Please allow for some variation in your case, as all natural materials are used.

    Rabbit Skin Carrying Pouches are handmade after you order them, so please allow an addition 2-3 weeks for delivery.  They do not affect the shipping weight.

    $ 70.00
  • The blowing horn has been used for centuries as a means of communication, in modern times they are often used to signal the start of a gathering.

    Your blowing horn automatically comes with a shoulder strap.  The two types of strap are flat or braided.  Braided straps are based on a four strand braid that dates to Medieval Denmark.  When purchasing a blowing horn, please specify a flat or braided strap.

    Listen to samples of what different blowing horns sound like

    $ 35.00$ 85.00
  • Drinking horns are cleaned and sealed with a food safe sealer.

    $ 35.00$ 65.00
  • Gift certificates for Custom Drinking Horns can be purchased and then either emailed, printed or a physical gift certificate can be mailed to you and given to the recipient.  Gift certificates can be redeemed for all merchandise on the Custom Drinking Horns website except for additional gift certificates.

    Gift certificates CAN ONLY be used in a single transaction, and any remainder of the certificate will be forfeit.
    If you have problems redeeming your gift certificate please contact us.

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